Transportation & Heavy Equipment Training

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Autry’s Driver Simulator Trailer is one of eight mobile training trailers in the country. We have added classes to the drive sim such as search and scan, hazard recognition, sight, speed, and space management, judging safe distance, and attention and distraction. These can be used for fleet drive management and CDL drivers.


Emergency Vehicle training we offer for Police, EMS, and Fire Services includes: Intersection Approach, Intersection Assessment, Clearing the Intersection: Basics, Clearing the Intersection: Advanced Skills, Intersection Departure, and Attention and Distraction.


DOT Annual Inspection classes, custom CDL prep classes, Air Brake classes, HAZMAT classes, and custom drive sim classes such as Tire Blowout Prevention/Preparedness and Distracted Driving are also available. Custom classes can be created to suit client needs.


The Heavy Equipment Simulator trailer offers a Scraper, Small Wheel Loader, and Excavator/Back hoe inside. We also offer a Large Wheel Loader and Grader Simulator at Autry Technology Center. The student learns basic operational techniques, walk around safety terminology, and get a basic firm understanding of the equipment before ever climbing into a piece of equipment. The Simulators can also be used for hiring purposes. We can test the prospective employee on their skills of these five pieces of equipment.


We also offer National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) classes as needed by the employer. We are a nationally recognized NCCER testing facility that awards credentials and certificates for NCCER. These classes include classroom and hands on training.

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