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Individuals seeking career or personal growth as well as employers investing in the advancement of their workforce.

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In most workplaces, communication plays a significant role. Employees are having conversations both internally and externally in a variety of settings and situations. By using active listening skills, like asking questions and using positive body language, employees can improve their understanding of a topic, and also make the speaker feel heard. This course is primarily for general industry employees, but all workers can benefit from active listening skills.
Online Course where learners who successfully complete this course will demonstrate knowledge of how to dispute causes, potential dispute consequences, general types of conflict resolution programs, Thomas-Kilmann categories of conflict coping strategies, common bargaining styles and their benefits, and methods for practicing negotiation and mediation in the workplace. This course is designed to help managers, supervisors and HR professionals create conflict resolution strategies for their workplace.
Learners who successfully complete this course will display the ability to identify the legal issues associated with discrimination in the workplace and how to minimize or eliminate a company’s chances of unfavorable legal action. Managers will learn how to identify what workplace discrimination is and how it occurs, how to identify protected class categories, how to recognize workplace aspects of discrimination, and recognize that employers have certain legal responsibilities to prevent and react to incidents of discrimination in the workplace. This course is intended for managers and human resources officers in all industries, and will assist employers in complying with U.S. anti-discrimination laws.
Most people view their individual qualities with pride, and even cultivate the things that make them special. Just as there are differences between individuals, there are also differences between certain groups of people. In an increasingly globalized economy, workplaces are increasingly more diverse. Employees who complete this course will demonstrate knowledge of working in a diverse workplace and how they can turn perceived differences to the company’s advantage. Employees will learn to define workplace diversity, recognize the challenges of managing and working with diverse people, and recognize its benefits. This course is intended for workers in any industry, and can help employers comply with Equal Employment Opportunity Commissions standards.
Communication is an important part of any workplace. It can affect the efficiency and accuracy of operations, workplace morale, and the company’s reputation with clients and the public. Employees must be able to communicate clearly, effectively, and professionally with coworkers, clients and the surrounding community. Learners who successfully complete this online course should be able to recognize the importance of proper communication, identify best practices when using email, and identify best practices when using other electronic communication methods.
Colleges and Universities collect large amounts of information about their students in order to serve them properly. Technology makes it easier to gather and manage this information, but also makes it easier for third parties to obtain private student records. In order to protect the privacy rights of students and their families, Congress enacted the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). The act sets guidelines for what records can and cannot be accessed by students, guardians, and the general public, and outlines student rights regarding having records amended. In this course learners will find out about the history and purpose of FERPA and learn to identify the rights and responsibilities outlined under the law and how they apply to operations on campus. This course is designed for any and all employees working in federally-funded post-secondary education institutions who may have access to student records or other information. This course is intended to assist employers in training employees to understand their responsibilities under FERPA.
Life is full of negotiations. Whether you realize it or not, we are all constantly negotiating with each other to ensure our needs are met, and to achieve our ideal outcomes. While you can’t guarantee an ideal outcome in every negotiation, there are tools and methods that you can apply to help you get as close as possible. After taking this course, employees should be able to identify the definition of negotiation, as well as the benefits of negotiation. In addition, they should be able to identify some common negotiation best practices.
Sexual harassment is a concern for every business. When sexual harassment does occur in the workplace, it can create many problems for the victim, co-workers, and the company, including a drop in morale, a loss in productivity, legal action, and a damaged reputation for the company. This course will teach employees about sexual harassment and what to do if they or one of their co-workers becomes a victim. This course is presented in English and Spanish.

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Individuals seeking career or personal growth as well as employers investing in the advancement of their workforce.

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