Meet Our Innovation Team

Are you a company or individual who would like to create an innovative culture in your organization? Cue Autry Technology Center’s Innovation Team!


The new Innovation Team works with businesses on integrated technology solutions. This new service complements the existing education offerings and industry services of Autry Technology Center by adding a coaching and research element to the array while staying true to the organizational mission of aligning resources, people, knowledge, skills and opportunity to build self-worth and ensure economic prosperity in Oklahoma and beyond.


“The ability to increase business value through innovation is a major contributor to a company’s success,” said Cara Evans, Innovation Coach at Autry Technology Center.  “To stay competitive in the digital age, businesses need to embrace and employ the right technology strategy.”


Through a collaborative team effort, our innovation specialists can help you:

  • Identify pain points and opportunities to add value through innovation and technology solutions.
  • Coach clients through development of processes for improving systems, work flow, competencies and assets.
  • Explore e-learning solutions to enhance training environments, compliance and efficiency.
  • Guide partners through research, testing and implementation of new technology prior to procurement.