Faculty / Staff Directory

ACD Support Staff
Computer Aided Drafting & Design Instructor
Industrial Maintenance Instructor
Business & Industry Services Coordinator – VAFB Liaison
Power Products Technology Instructor
Business & Industry Services Safety Trainer
Director of Business & Industry Services
Business & Industry Services Safety Trainer
Student Services Career Counselor
Cosmetology Instructor
Business & Industry Services Assistant Director
Director of Student Services
OSSM Calculus Instructor
BIS Support
Evening Custodian
Automotive Technology Instructor
Safety Coordinator
Construction Technology Instructor
RN, Adult Career Development Instructor
Assistant Superintendent
Early Care & Hospitality Education Instructor
Payroll & Accounts Payable clerk
Daytime Maintenance
Graphic Arts Instructor
Surgical Technology Instructor
Business & Information Technology Instructor
Adult Career Development Coordinator
Business & Industry Services Adult Career Development Evening Supervisor
Chief Financial Officer
OSSM Physics Instructor
Innovation Coordinator
Job Developer
Financial Aid Officer
Director of IT and Center for Business Development
System Administrator
Information Systems Coordinator
Center for Business Development Support
Adult Career Development Coordinator
Dental Assistant Instructor
Business & Industry Services Safety Trainer
Respiratory Care Clinical Director
Business & Industry Services Safety Trainer
Respiratory Care Program Director
Youth Offender Welding Instructor
Night Custodian
Data Analyst
Practical Nursing Clinical Instructor
Woodring Campus Manager
BIS Trainer Coordinator - American Heart Association
Business & Information Technology Instructor
Daytime Maintenance
Radiography Clinical Coordinator/Instructor
Daytime Maintenance
Marketing Coordinator
Culinary Teaching Assistant
Director of Full Time Programs – Trade & Industrial Education
Business & Information Technology Instructor
Digital Marketing Specialist
Part-Time IT Technician
Part-Time Mathematics Instructor
Event Services
Practical Nursing Clinical Coordinator
Career Counselor
Daytime Custodian
Financial Aid Support
Creative Marketing Specialist
Maintenance Director
Director of Communications, Marketing & Recruiting
Evening Custodian
Health Careers Instructor
Evening Support Staff
Administrative Assistant - Superintendent's Office
Innovation Development Assistant Manager
Radiography MRI Program Director
Medical Assistant Instructor
Cosmetology Instructor
Adult Career Development Support
BIS Agriculture Business Management Coordinator
Robotics & Automated Electronics Instructor
Practical Nursing Coordinator/Instructor
Information Systems Coordinator
Welding Teaching Assistant
Administrative Intern
Career Counselor
Welding Technology Instructor
Director of Full Time Programs – Business & Health
Marketing Graphic Designer
Student Services Support Staff
Innovation Specialist
Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Instructor
Daytime Custodian
Innovation Development Manager
Public Relations Coordinator
Small Business Management Coordinator
Assessment Facilitator
Career Center Coordinator
Practical Nursing Evening Instructor
Activity Fund Custodian
Collision Repair Technology Instructor
Bis Support Staff/Woodring
Evening HVAC Instructor