Safety & Simulator Training

Autry's Safety Team

Our team consists of a highly trained and experienced group of trainers. We have bilingual trainers to provide training in English and Spanish.  In 2014 the safety team trained over 22,000 employees in Garfield and surrounding counties. High Quality low cost safety training can help your company to remain competitive in your industry, while keeping employees safe and reducing turnover. Many of our classes include hands on experience and real world applications. Autry’s Safety Team also likes to work with your company to customize the training to make our classes site specific to your company. Accidents are expensive for the employer and employee and a highly trained workforce helps prevent accidents.


Autry Technology Center’s Safety Training programs are headquartered at our new Woodring Campus.

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Need help or information about renewing your certification?

Contact April Ylitalo by calling 580.242.2750 ext. 193 or email her at

For more information please contact:

Andy Beck

Business & Industry Services Safety Manager

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