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McCullough’s Message

As a workforce resource, Autry Technology Center is a stepping stone for many individuals as they find their way to a career. In 2017-2018, more than 700 full-time students attended Autry and over 90 percent went on to become employed, continue their education or join the military.

We also saw more than 28,000 total enrollments in 2017-2018 through out full-time programs, adult career development classes and Business and Industry Services training. These students left with a certification they earned from hands-on training, and zero debt in student loans. Compare this to the  45 million Americans with student loans totaling over $1.56 trillion. That makes a huge impact not only on the individual, but also on the local economy.

With over 3,000 classes offered through our Business and Industry Services and 25 full-time programs, we are dedicated to helping more individuals earn the skills and training they need to succeed. Autry has something for everyone seeking to better their life.

February Students of the Month

Congratulations to Autry’s February Students of the Month- Hunter Swart, Brexten Bland and Olivia Rejman. These students were selected based on their performance both in and out of the classroom as students, role models and future professionals! To learn more about these students, click here

Autry Students Set to Compete at FIRST Robotics Competition

Several Autry students from various programs worked together to build a game-playing robot to compete in the FIRST Robotics regional competition in Oklahoma City March 6-9, 2019. If the team is successful during the regional competition, they will move on to compete in the world competition in Houston in April where more than 35 countries will be represented. Good luck Ace Robotics! 

Breaking Traditions and Finding Her Passion

When Enid High School junior Wentur Haley filled out an application to attend Autry Technology Center, her first program choice was Cosmetology. When the Cosmetology program was full, she was placed in her second choice – Automotive Technology, which turned out to be the best choice.

Haley’s pursuit of her career growth based on her interests without the influence of gender stereotypes is why she has been nominated for the Breaking Traditions Award. This award is a way for the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education to spotlight students and staff who have chosen specific career and technology programs because of their interests and abilities. These individuals have not let their gender influence their decisions to prepare for nontraditional careers.

Learn more about Wentur’s journey here!

Teach Tech Rescheduled!

Autry Tech is proud to join forces with the United Way of Enid and Northwest Oklahoma for Teach Tech! Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to make an impact on the youth of our community. Stop by on Feb. 27 during any of the time slots to receive your training!

Congratulations SkillsUSA Competitors!

Autry was well represented at the SkillsUSA regional contests as more than 50 students placed in various categories! 

Cassidie Schmidt (Cosmetology)—2nd place Secondary Customer Service
Ashlyn Soechting (Cosmetology)—5th place Secondary Customer Service
Hallie King (Cosmetolgy)—1st place Secondary Extemporaneous Speech
Nick Anderson (Construction)—1st place Postsecondary Extemporaneous Speech
Gwentina Begay (Welding)—3rd place Postsecondary Extemporaneous Speech
Josephine Larsen (Graphic Arts)—3rd place Secondary Job Interview
Ceara Johns (Drafting)—4th place Secondary Job Interview
Troy Dixon (Construction)—1st place Postsecondary Job Interview
Meranda Ramay (Welding)—2nd place Postsecondary Job Interview
Callum Wright (Construction)—1st place Secondary Job Skill Demonstration A
Chesney Hagermann (Cosmetology) {Amy Hale—Model, Cosmetology}—2nd place Secondary Job Skill Demonstration A
Jim Villanueva (Graphic Arts)—1st place Postsecondary Job Skill Demonstration A
Kieran Niles (Graphic Arts)—1st place Secondary Job Skill Demonstration O
Gracie Vandiver (Cosmetology) {Hallie King—Model, Cosmetology}—3rd place Secondary Job Skill Demonstration O
Cameron Caffee (Power Products)—4th place Secondary Job Skill Demonstration O
Tori Gosney (Cosmetology)—5th place Secondary Job Skill Demonstration O
Blythe Holcomb (HVAC)—6th place Secondary Job Skill Demonstration O
Evan Chermack (Construction)—1st place Postsecondary Job Skill Demonstration O
Trystan Lively (HVAC)—2nd place Postsecondary Job Skill Demonstration O
Hunter Swart (Construction)—1st place Postsecondary Prepared Speech
Stephanie Dallas (Cosmetology)—2nd place Postsecondary Prepared Speech
Jessamyn Eadens (Automotive)—1st place Secondary Prepared Speech
Jon Camarena (Welding)—5th place Secondary Prepared Speech
Garrett Griffith—1st place Postsecondary Welding
Eric Rivera—2nd place Postsecondary Welding
Thomas Pester—5th place Secondary Welding
Evan Chermack—1st place Postsecondary Cabinetmaking
Callum Wright—6th place Secondary Cabinetmaking
Brooks Brown—1st place Postsecondary HVAC
Kaleb Koehn—2nd place Postsecondary HVAC
Eric Tower—3rd place Postsecondary HVAC
Rylan Unruh—4th place Postsecondary HVAC
Heather Followwill—1st place Secondary Architectural Drafting
Ceara Johns—5th place Secondary Architectural Drafting
Lexy Tompkins—1st place Secondary Technical Drafting
Marshall Holt—1st place Postsecondary Technical Drafting
Eric Clark—2nd place Postsecondary Technical Drafting
Albert Mosher—3rd place Postsecondary Automotive Service
Hunter Swart—3rd place Postsecondary Carpentry
Troy Dixon—5th place Postsecondary Carpentry
Michael Carson—6th place Postsecondary Carpentry
Kaylee Moritz, Jolina Kejlat, and Jon Camarena—2nd place Secondary Welding Fabrication Team
Gwen Begay, Noe De Loa, and Hunter Weins—2nd place Postsecondary Welding Fabrication Team
Stephanie Dallas (with Model Mackenzie Gonser)—1st place Postsecondary Nail Care
Suzanne Baker—2nd place Postsecondary Cosmetology-Hair
Heather Dougherty—6th place Secondary Esthetics
Sara Nall (Graphic Arts)—1st place Secondary Job Readiness Prepared Speech
Christian Laymance (Graphic Arts)—1st place Postsecondary Job Readiness Prepared Speech

More than 30 Autry students have qualified to compete at the State SkillsUSA contest in Tulsa in April!

Co-Working Space Available at
the Strate Center

The Strate Center at Autry Technology Center now offers the premier co-working space in Northwest Oklahoma. Members have access to co-working space, conference rooms, exceptional Wi-Fi, printing capabilities and all the office equipment needed to run a business. Pricing varies from $10 per day to $75 per month for a dedicated personal station. Click here to learn more!

Save the Date for Senior Showcase!

We’re inviting all graduating seniors from our ten partner schools to take part in this exciting event as they take the next step in their future! Participants will discover career opportunities, learn from industry professionals, explore hands-on activities, evaluate their career action plan, network with business leaders, ready their resume, develop interview skills and clarify their financial future. If your company or organization is interested in participating as a vendor, click here to sign up! 

Join the Autry team! 

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