Job Opportunity


Company: Hammer Williams Company/Williams Media Group
City: Enid
Posted: August 25, 2020
Primary Function:

The Accountant reconciles bank statements, from downloading files from the bank websites to importing them in to the accounting system and balancing the accounts to the general ledger. Reconciles General Ledger accounts and inputs entries into the different accounting modules. Reconciles ATM accounts. Other duties as assigned.

Essential Functions

  1. Downloads Bank files
  2. Imports Bank files into Accounting system
  3. Reconciles Bank Accounts
  4. Balances Bank Accounts to the General Ledger balance
  5. Inputs entries into Cash Management
  6. Inputs entries into General Ledger
  7. Reconciles general ledger accounts
  8. Downloads ATM files
  9. Imports ATM files into Accounting System
  10. Reconciles ATM accounts
Skills Required:
  1. Ability to download files
  2. Understand and read bank statements
  3. Ethical Conduct.
  4. Throughness.
  5. Detail Oriented.
  6. Degree in Accounting or equivalent experience.
  7. Strong computer skills
Application Process: Apply through JIffytrip.com/careers