Center for Business Development

Types of potential clients

• Service, technology, manufacturing, logistics, and agriculture-related businesses
• New or young companies
• Existing companies moving from outside the area
• To be located in The Center the business must have a well-prepared and maintained    business plan, a product/service that is viable and market ready, and plans for full-time business

Current Clients

 The business incubation space is designed for flexibility

• Rent only the space you need
• Available space is equipped with 480-three phase and 208 electricity
• Carpet or concrete floor
• Build-to-spec walls (within reason and following The Center’s mission)


Business resources at The Center

• Industrial copier
• Industrial plotter/printer and scanner
• Access to publication design software
• Access to Dodge Construction Projects and Leads software
• Fourteen-person multimedia conference room
• Six-person conference room
• Access to large office equipment
• Expansion and diversification opportunities
• Oklahoma State income tax exemption for up to ten years
• Space available for office, lab, and manufacturing


Application Process

Download and fill out the application form and return completed application with business plan, resumes of principals, current financials, credit report and current marketing materials by mail, email or fax to Brian Gaddy.


Brian Gaddy
Autry Technology Center
James W. Strate Center for Business Development


Phone: 580.242.2750
Fax: 580.242.5603


The Center for Business Development Client Application